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Transfer confidentiality and security

On encrypted communications between the server and users is ensured by a 256 bit SSL certificate which is currently the level of security given to online credit card payments. Your browser indicates that exchanges are secure by displaying a padlock on the address bar.
Furthermore, files pass directly from you computer to the server, then from the server to the recipients' computers without anyone else involved.. This is one of the advantages compared to sending a CD/DVD or simply sending an attached file via email.

In fact, to be sent to the recipients, copies of the email are stored on several different provider serviers that you cannot choose: at least your Internet service provider and the provider who manages the recipient's email.

Simple to use, no technical knowledge required

The NextSend interface is designed to facilitate sending files regardless of your technical level. Transfers in 3 steps, the use of icons and color codes makes users comfortable when they are using the application for the first time.
Furthermore, compared to using FTP file transfers (an unsecure protocol for which passwords are passed around without protection) no technical knowledge is required, no technical terminology or configuration in the application. Unlike sending an email, you don't have to know the storage capacity of the recipient's email box, no risk of being blocked by an antivirus program or improperly configured anti-spam program.

Accessible from all workstations

No software to install, the application is accessible directly from a web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera) and is compatible with all operating systems (Windows Microsoft, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, etc.), and with all firewalls and proxies. Ideal for use from different workstations, even when you go to visit a client, your account is still accessible.
This also ensures that the recipient will be able to download the files sent to them, a link to a download page is sent by email, a simple click lets them downloadthe file(s) sent. Furthermore, there is no deployment cost for the company; it's not necessary for technicians to install a program computer by computer.

Time savings for transferring large files

The service's simplicity of use prevents lost time due to technical concerns frequently encountered when inappropriate solutions are used for large transfers.
The higher badnwidths of the internet connections used by 95% of businesses and individuals, combined with the NextSend platfom ensure faster transfers so that your recipients immediately have the data sent to them.

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