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File transfers

Simple and fast file transfers. There are just three steps for sending documents, by selecting the email addresses of therecipients first, then entering a message that will be sent with the download invitation, and finally, by browsing your computer and selecting the files to be  transferred. Consequently, each recipient receives a link via email allowing them to downlowd the file(s) sent.

Delivery confirmation

When a recipient successfully downloads a file, a delivery confirmation is sent to the sender, telling them the date and time of the download as well as who downloaded which file.
Therefore it is not necessary to keep logging into the application to verify if the recipients have properly received the files that were sent to them.

Logo customization

Professionals and companies, customize the emails sent to your document recipients as well as the download pages made available to them by replacing the NextSend logo with your own.
You will have a file transfer platform in your own image with the Pro plan. Click here to find out about the offers.

Multi-user account

In order to meet the needs of small to mid-size businesses and major accounts, each customer has user management. Each employee has their own access codes and individually manages their transfers and contacts. Only authorised users can create new accounts and access commercial information on the account. On the other hand, consumption tracking is visible by all in order to best manage the volumes transfered.

Transfer history

The history lets you keep track of exchanges (what files were sent? when? to whom?) and view the status of downloads. For each transfer, a status icon indicates, by its color:

  • all the files have been successfully downloaded by all recipients,
  • if only certain files have been received
  • or if no downloads have been made.

This feature ensureseffective tracking of transfers made.

Address book

To quickly find recipient email addresses and effectively organize your contacts an adress book automatically collects the addresses with each transfer. It is then possible to sort contacts by group, which in particular allows you to create distribution lists, enter the surname and/or first name of the contacts in order to better identify them later.

Email box

Whentwo users on theNextSend platform send each othe files, the recipient finds in their mailbox a history of files received which allows them to keep track of exchanges, easily identify which are the new files thanks to a status icon, and to download with a simple click. An alert email tells them that a new file is available for download.

Technical Support

The service is available 24/7 under constant monitoring, and in the event of an unavailability our technical team acts immediately in order to restore service as soon as possible. Furthermore, technical support is available to all customers who have a support form from the application when they connect to their account. Our team is committed to responding to any difficulty encountered within 24 business hours.

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