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What types of files can be sent?

All formats. Whether your files are compressed archives, Adobe Acrobat PDF documents, Photoshop or Illustrator files, Xpress files, JPEG or other photos, the NextSend platform will enable you to transfer them without restriction.

Is an account required to receive files?

No. The recipient does not need a NextSend account to download the files sent to them. A simple web browser is all they need to download documents.

Does software need to be installed on my computer?

No. The application can be accessed directly from your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera) without any software installation or technical configuration. NextSend is compatible with the use of a firewall and/or a proxy on your network.

I would like to resend the same file, do I have to send it again?

No need. When making a new transfer the last files in the history, still on the server, can be selected to send them to other recipients without having to send them to the server again. See the demonstration video.

How long are files stored on the server?

Between 7 days and 3 months depending on the offer subscribed to. Recipients have 7 days with the free version to download the files sent to them. After this period has expired no trace of the files is kept on the server. Only the messages and the file names are save in the transfer history.

How are my credits deducted?

Only successful downloads of the files you have sent deduct your credits. If, for example, you send a 100 Mb file but the recipient did not want to download it, then nothing is deducted.
Only after it is effectively downloaded is the volume of your plan deducted by 100 Mb. A 10 Mb file downloaded 5 times represents a consumption of 50 Mb.
The volume of pending transfers (awaiting download) cannot exceed the balance of your credits.

What guarantees do you provided?

We provide a best efforts gurantee and not a performance guarantee. Nothing guarantees that recipients will download the files sent to them, we provide the service under the best security and availablilty conditions, without taking responsibilty for improper use of the service. The client is solely responsible for the data they transfer using the platform.

How do I send a full folder?

To send many files in one transfer it is recommended to create a compressed folder (ZIP) containing all the files to be sent, then send them using your NextSend account.
Click here to find out how to create your ZIP folder by right-clicking on your files.

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